For the love of Israel…


So grieved my Heart as I watched your back

Turn from following my commands.

My Head I hung; My Hands were wrung in

Sheer and utter helplessness as I saw

You walk away on another’s arms in travesty – My very


The scars that My Son bore, the pain and agony

That He endured, the days that seemed like years

Of separation from My Own – and I turned My

Back on Him at the pleasure of having you –

You: your praise, your song, your good deeds and

Works of love.

My anger burned at your pleasure, short-lived, fleeting –

Well, I knew.  None can turn his face from

Me and be happy, joyful, and content for long – the

Day of Judgment waited, and I wondered how far

Would you wander off from the path of the sheer delight of

My love.

Year in and out, I pleaded.  Sent you My men of God

To woo and warn, yet you went blissfully on

In your way of sin and shame, profaning my glory

And tarnishing my Name.  You: My delight, My joy, My song –

You: My watchman, My spokesperson, My treasure.  Close to my

Heart, yet O

So far away.

“I’m sorry, Lord.  Help me…this life is too difficult to bear.”

Did I imagine it?  Were you calling on Me?

Imploring My help?  Seeking My Face?  Knocking on My

Heart’s Door?  I waited, enthralled…to see what you would do.

Yet you pleaded, calling out My Name, how could I not come

To you?

My reached out Hand you grasped, and ever so gingerly.

Eager you were to be back in My Arms in loving

Relationship with Me.  I wept for joy at your salvation.

Your faith caused Me to want to sing a song

Over you – a song of deliverance that would taunt the enemy all

Day long.

Safe in the Arms of God.  Relief from the world’s pressures.

Again my delight, erasure of shame, brought to the Light,

Out of darkness’ realm.  You: my Lord & King.  What a reason to sing!

You: Kindness & mercies unfathomable – to forgive one like me.

Never will I forget You, Lord; help me ne’er to walk away.

Sheer delight! Song in the night! Prince of Peace & Everlasting King!

Joy of my Soul! Constant Friend! The reigns of heart & soul, I give.

Close as Your Name’s whisper tenderly upon my lips.

You voice in answer in the early hours so soft, so still, so sweet.

The dripping of Your oil of joy anoint to do Your Will.

I press into Your secret place as Your Will

For my life is quietly unfolded.

This message of personal encounter with God after a gross failure to accomplish what He has prescribed for us to do (or not do) shows that today as through the history of mankind that God is lovingly involved with us and is seeking ways to bring mankind back to Himself.  My prayer is that you may come to know Him as intimately as He wants you to know Him – in real, true fellowship with all the “stops” removed.

From My Israel: My Bride, My Own, Copyright 2011 Sarah D Johnson

Used by Permission.

Check out J-Rob!

J-Rob in Nashville, TN

J-Rob in Nashville, TN

Sing unto the Lord a new song!  I happened to be in Nashville, TN doing a training at the Caleb Company when I met the most manner-able young man.  J-Rob sang and played the guitar in his Texas style leading us into the presence of the Lord – the God of Israel.  I was so appreciative of his ministry; I sought to know more about him.  He agreed to an interview for our ministry website:  You are welcome to take an early listen below.  If you’d like J-Rob to come to your event to speak or sing you can reach him at:  You can purchase his music on iTunes.  Search: J-Rob     Glorious Inheritance.

JRob Interview for JCF – 07-17-2013

Praying for You

I’m praying for you
Today. Praying that
You will surmount
Some trying obstacle
That may have you
Stumped. Praying that
God will let His light
Of love shine in
Your heart and let
You know just how
Special you are to His
Plan here in the earth.
I’m praying that you
Receive your hearts
Desire and that you
Will know what to do
With it when you get it.
Just praying that all
Things will work together
For your good and
That you will be the one
Holding the life line out to
Some needy, desperate soul
And that you’ll hold steady
Until they are in a
Place of safety in the Messiah’s
Name. I pray this
For you because I believe
You’re special. You’ve
Got the light of
The Lord shining, bright
In your eyes. Hang
In there; God will
Surely see you through.

–Sarah D Johnson

I often tell the Lord: Lord, use me for Your Glory. Use me as You will.

In the still, quiet night when most are fast asleep, my heart seeks His face, crying out for His wisdom, His path and His way.

All is not always as it sometimes seems: The turbulent can seem calm; the smooth places can feel rough, and the inviting oasis can be perceived as a hellish den. Taken together, we may find that some things that we cry about today, we may rejoice about tomorrow, as one minister once said. All of these things, though, are temporal.

The things of significance – matters of the heart – don’t change: I love the Lord and He loves me and has a special place in His heart just for me. He cared about me so much – that He wrote my name on His Hand (If you’re reading this blog and you’re Jewish – this one’s for you.) When it feels like love has been withheld on every hand, know of a surety G-d remembers you with an everlasting love.

How good and how pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity. (Psalm 133:1) For there the Lord bestows His blessing, even life forevermore. (Psalm 133:3b)

Have you ever been really, really angry with someone and it seems nothing could make it right? Maybe you experienced some negative event because of some action of theirs and you retaliated and they retaliated. A domino effect seemed to have been created.

This is the way it is between Israel and the Arabs – to put it very simply, but they are brothers fighting – all are Abraham’s children, all with promises from God that they will be a great nation. Sometimes we can’t see the good that God has given into our hands because we are angry and jealous over what the other fellow has. (We African-Americans can be like that, too.) When we make the conscious effort to get along, though – O how sweet it is, for there – in unity – God commands the blessing.

Let us pray fervently for those in the Middle East for Peace, and for the commanded blessing for all of them. Let us also pray for stability and unity within Israel – in all its promised territories. Pray also for peace and the commanded blessing for African-Americans and God’s people everywhere. Let God’s peace and unity be first found in my heart and life toward all.

Sometimes when we look at some people, we think the worse of them. Haven’t you ever thought badly of someone or a group because of something you heard they did or the way they are or the way you perceive them to be? But how often has someone thought badly of you or a group you belong to for reasons beyond your own control? That thought-provoker is meant to lead one to wonder why people are so ready to believe the worst about another individual.

The Bible says “to the pure, all things are pure,” yet it seems we’ve become a bit corrupt in our thinking. We have no kind words to share with a hurting person. We can’t find a dime to spare when we see one of our own down and out – how will we ever be in a position to help those in another race? Yet, that is exactly what God is calling us to do. He wants us to open our hearts and let the light of His love shine through us to hurting men and women everywhere – to the Jew first and then to others. That is the secret to being blessed.

What can I do? You may ask. If every African-American in the United States gave only a dollar a month to help an Israeli cause, we as a united people, would have contributed $577 million in just one year to help the Jewish community. Are you thinking: what if I gave $5 or $10 a month? Now, you’re thinking! Israel needs your help, your prayers and your financial support. There is a blessing in being a blessing to Israel according to God (Gen. 12:1-3). In all your endeavors, don’t forget about Israel.

Standing United

The Lord’s arm is not shortened that He cannot save.  Indeed, He reaches out to willing vessels like you and me to accomplish His plan here in the earth.  Yet there are those hurting people who remain on the fringes of society seeking help, searching for worth and a sense of belonging.  We fight, wanting our own way, seeking our own welfare, casting aside our brother’s/sister’s needs.  We long to even out the playing field more in our favor so we can add value to our world.

Our fight, though, is not with ourselves.  It is with traditions set at the start of this America where we were disenfranchised and left out of the equation.  We do have a fight on our hands, together fighting long-held ideals, stigmas and poisonous thoughts about our people.  We can overcome, though, with the help of the God of Abraham who is our God, too.

We as African-Americans, Christians and Jewish people need to stop fighting each other and find compelling reasons to tackle the real problems at hand.  We are looked down upon by this secular world and thought little of, but together our voices make a clear, resounding crescendo of victory.  I stand with you my brothers and sisters – will you stand together with me?  sdj